Continuing or enduring in the same state, status, place, or the like, without fundamental or marked change, not subject to fluctuation, or alteration, fixed or intended to be fixed; lasting; abiding; stable; not temporary or transient. Hiatt v. Department of Labor and Industries, 48 Wash.2d 843, 297 P.2d 244, 246.
Generally opposed in law to "temporary," but not always meaning "perpetual."
As to permanent injunction
- permanent nuisance
- permanent trespass; see those titles
@ permanent abode
A domicile or fixed home, which the party may leave as his interest or whim may dictate, but which he has no present intention of abandoning.
See also domicile
@ permanent alimony
An allowance for the support and maintenance of a spouse during his or her lifetime, and its purpose is to provide nourishment, sustenance and the necessities of life to a former spouse who has neither the resources nor ability to be self-sustaining. Cann v. Cann, Fla.App., 334 So.2d 325, 329.
+ permanent alimony
A provision for the support and maintenance of a wife during her lifetime.
See also alimony
- periodic alimony
@ permanent disability
Generally, permanent disability is one which will remain substantially the same during remainder of workers' compensation claimant's life. Subsequent Injuries Fund v. Industrial Ace. Commission, 226 Cal.App.2d 136, 37 Cal.Rptr. 844, 849.
A permanent disability is one which causes impairment of earning capacity, impairment of normal use of member, or competitive handicap in open labor market. State Compensation Ins. Fund v. Industrial Ace. Commission, 59 Cal.2d 45, 27 Cal.Rptr. 702, 707, 377 P.2d 902.
Within insurance policies does not mean that disability must continue throughout life of insured, but it connotes idea that disability must be something more than temporary, and at least presumably permanent.
+ permanent disability
Incapacity forever from returning to work formerly performed before accident, though this incapacity may be either total or partial.
See also disability
- permanent injury
@ permanent employment
As provided for by contract, means only that employment is to continue indefinitely and until either party wishes to sever relation for some good reason. Speegle v. Board of Fire Underwriters of Pacific, CaLApp., 158 P.2d 426, 429
@ permanent financing
Long term loan which replaces bridge or interim financing; e.g., mortgage loan used to repay construction loan
- permanent injury
@ permanent law
An act which continues in force for an indefinite time

Black's law dictionary. . 1990.

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